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Call for Abstracts is Closed

The Technical Program Committee is currently in the process of reviewing and scoring submitted abstracts for ICE 2020 Madrid. Please check back to see the complete program.

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Themes and Subthemes for ICE 2020 Technical Program

Theme 1: Basins and Petroleum Systems


  • Mediterranean Deep-Water Plays
  • African Deep-Water Plays
  • North Sea Plays of the Future
  • Russia and FSU Plays of the Future
  • Middle East Plays of the Future
  • Biogenic Petroleum Systems
  • Basin Modeling and Geochemistry

Theme 2: Unconventional Resources


  • Global Perspectives of Unconventional Resources
  • Unconventional Plays in Europe, Africa, and Middle East
  • Application of New Technologies to Unconventional Resources

Theme 3: Structural Geology, Tectonics, and Geomechanics


  • Extensional Environments
  • Fold and Thrust Belts
  • Salt Tectonics
  • Fractured Reservoirs Case Studies
  • Geomechanics

Theme 4: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology


  • Siliciclastics
  • Carbonates and Evaporites
  • Shales
  • Stratigraphic Forward Modeling

Theme 5: Geophysics


  • Seismic Imaging, Processing, and Acquisition
  • Non-Seismic Geophysical Techniques
  • DHI Applications in Exploration
  • Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Rock Physics

Theme 6: Development Geosciences and Mature Fields


  • Reservoir Modeling and Characterization
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Extending Asset Life Through Near Field Exploration
  • Mature Basins Rejuvenation Case Studies
  • First Oil Acceleration/Shortening the Cycle

Theme 7: Energy Transition


  • CO2 CCS
  • Gas Storage
  • Geothermal

Theme 8: Digitalization in Geosciences


  • Cloud Applications
  • Information Data Management Trends
  • Machine Learning/Automated Interpretation of G&G Data